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Carbon Solutions Group now offers aggregation services across 20 states.
Since 2017 we have onboarded more than 250 solar installation partners.

We go beyond SREC marketing and help you understand the intricacies of state regulations, incentives, SREC markets and more. We understand local incentives and complexities and deliver the best experience and payouts possible.

Carbon Solutions Group installer facing portal offers industry leading features and API integrations. Our easy to use platform and process enables the rapid registration of customer projects.

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Installer Partners

Installer Partners


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We specialize in working with states that have Renewable Portfolio Standards, but now are able to aggregate in volunatary markets across North America.

Approximately 20,000 customers.

We work with over 250 solar installers.

We have 12 talented individuals solely dedicated to solar aggregation, and the team is growing!

Compliance program is a state specific set of rules that set targets for renewable technology. Solar in states with no legislation around renewable energy goals are considered voluntary RECS. Voluntary REC’s can be sold into the open market.

We offer referral payments in select states and please reach out to team member to discuss.

With over 10 industry leading API integrations we have the most sophiscated aggregation platform in North America.