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Since 2016 we have gained experience developing, building, owning and operating EV charging stations for local governments, commercial property owners and retail developers, trust CSG to advance your sustainability objectives and carbon emission reductions with its smart charging technologies.

Product Offering

Charging as a Service (CaaS)

Are you considering purchasing an electric vehicle but concerned about the installation and maintenance of the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)?  With DirtRoad, you can expect a seamless 24/7 maintenance, customer management, customized host pricing, and electricity margin. With CaaS make-ready installation is the responsibility of the project host. This means that you don’t have to worry about any ongoing costs associated with EV charging facilities, apart from the monthly fee payable to DirtRoad.


Fleet Subscription

Is your company seeking ways to manage its Scope 3 emissions and reduce fuel costs for its Electric Vehicle Fleet? Our low-carbon fleet solutions are tailored to help transportation-intensive companies like yours meet their sustainability objectives. With our expertise in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, we can assist you in designing, building, and implementing the optimal solution for your growing EV fleet. Through this solution the fleet provider has a fixed annual subscription with DirtRoad.



Our partnership-based model enables DirtRoad to quickly and efficiently deploy new EV chargers. We begin by evaluating your site location and identifying any applicable state or federal incentives that may be available. From there, we craft a minimum annual utilization threshold that is a shared responsibility of the project host and DirtRoad to ensure that the chargers are being used effectively. For revenue over the Utilization threshold a bonus payment is paid to the project host. Our approach allows for the rapid development of new EV charging infrastructure across all 50 states.


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Benefits to Hosting

Untapped fixed and variable income while adding an amenity.

Achieve Scope 3 sustainability objectives providing carbon free electricity.

Leverage our environmental attribute markets experience to gain Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to cover electricity use.

Provide low-cost charging services to your citizens / attract high-value customers, increase customer “dwell-time”.

Real-time access to the EV charging network data to share the use and CO2 benefits with your residents.