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EV Charging Customers

EV Charging Customers

What is DirtRoad?

  • DirtRoad provides subscription services for public EV fast charging
  • DirtRoad uses proprietary AI to create highly efficient, connected community charging networks
  • These intelligent charging networks drive down the cost to charge and generates benefits for the most efficient chargers such as free charging. (* disclaimer)
  • Crowdsourcing EV Charging Stations enables CSG to build stations where they’re needed most
  • How it works
    • Step 1: Choose DirtRoad facilities convenient to you that you’ll charge at on a regular basis
    • Step 2: Choose a basic subscription package or take our Use Questionnaire to get an instant quote
    • Step 3: Find out if the facilities you’ll subscribe to will offer you a Signing Bonus
    • Step 4: Download DirtRoad Terms & Conditions
    • Step 5: Review, execute and return instantly via Docusign
    • Step 6: Receive Operating Code and begin charging immediately at operating stations
  • Subscribe to existing projects (early adopter bonus of $500)
  • Commit to a project under development (Get an Early Adopter signing bonus of up to $1000)
  • Don’t see a project in your community? Suggest one here and become a community champion.


View a list of our current projects


  • A typical North American will 13,500 miles per year and use X gallons of gasoline, emit X tonnes of CO2
    • A typical Electric Vehicle driver will use Y KWH of electricity a year and emit Y tonnes of CO2
    • Early adopter bonus *** If you’re one of the first 10 subscribers to any of our projects we’ll pay you as much as a $1000 signing bonus.  This could equate to as much as
    • You can select the basic subscription package or take our use questionnaire to generate an instant quote
      • Basic Subscription Package
        • State (Drop Down)
        • Utility (Drop Down)
        • Term (Drop Down)
        • Etc.
  • Charger Use Questionnaire
  • Vehicle make model
    • List of make models
    • Not sure yet
  • Use cases
  • Subscription timeline
    • I have an EV and would like to start charging now at the charging stations available.  When more stations are available let me know.
    • I have an EV, but would like to wait until more charging stations are available in my area. 
    • I’m considering an EV and will purchase when there are more charging stations available in my area.
      • Etc.