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Electric Vehicle Charging

Driving Decarbonization

DirtRoad is Carbon Solutions Group’s community driven electric vehicle charging business (Level II & Fast Charging) that began in 2017. It’s a platform for siting, developing and the operation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. DirtRoad is designed to enable both fleet and community charging centric iniatives.

Our platform is designed to create an intuitive pathway for stakeholders in a community driven charging infrastructure project to become interested, get involved, understand the economics and make a long term commitment to supporting electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Our approach is the result of our recognition that “If you build it they will come” only works in the cornfields of Iowa.  Instead, leveraging a commitment from all segments of the community from the beginning is what ultimately drives charging station use.

CSG’s DirtRoad also understands that all the communities in which we operate charging infrastructure have a history and in order to do business in those communities we need to get to know them and the groups that makeup that history.

This starts with asking questions of and input from folks who from a traditional economic standpoint haven’t been considered impactful to infrastructure projects.  However, we acknowledge as these groups as being integral to the community that we seek to serve and operate within. 

Dirt Road isn’t a marketing strategy. Instead its an authentic attempt to make a connection to the people in our communities. We’re not trying to be woke, we’re just trying to be human.

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