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Aggregating what’s underground

Geothermal RECs (GRECs) are available to residential, commercial and industrial facilities that utilize geothermal heat pumps for heating & cooling load. The amount of natural gas or fuel oil that is avoided, as measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) is converted to megawatt-hours (MWh) and for each MWh that is avoided one GREC is generated. Carbon Solutions Group In-Aggregate provides three options for converting your GRECs into cash.  

  • Option #1 – Upfront Grant Payment for the lifetime of a systems GREC’s
  • Option #2 – GREC Marketing for system owners – sell your credits every year at the market rate
  • Option #3 – Fixed price GREC purchase

For installers of geothermal systems we also provide a referral bonus with the potential for recurring income.  Set up a call here to discuss the terms of our installer referral agreement. Also, through our Moho Thermal business we offer installers in our GREC network EPC work on projects that we own and operate.

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