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Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gases

As the world seeks reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases, Carbon Solutions Group is uniquely located in the center of the emissions reduction industry. With experience in both the International CDM market and the emerging US voluntary and compliance markets, CSG can provide support from project origination through development, contracting and financial assistance. Evaluating potential carbon projects is an ever-changing process. As the market progresses, methodologies are being created and updated to reflect current realities. With a trained and experienced team, Carbon Solutions Group is agile and persistent in ensuring successful completion of your project.

Project Development

Through CSG’s unique 3 Phase Process, we will navigate the regulatory market while maximizing revenue streams associated with all aspects of the project.

Methodology Development

Carbon Solutions Group is experienced in creating and revising carbon project methodologies and is available for consulting or development of new methodologies for unique circumstances.

Environmental Asset Reports

Understanding the opportunities with carbon credits, Renewable Energy Certificates, Renewable Identification Numbers and future obligations can provide multiple options for unique financing scenarios. Similar to traditional commodities, these assets can be leveraged, used as collateral, or transacted in batches to provide short term liquidity. CSG will ensure equitable and proper terms and mitigate any risk with proper hedging and contracting procedures. From simple carbon transactions to complex Power Purchase Agreement negotiations, CSG will help increase the project’s return.

Analysis of Potential Project

Carbon Solutions Group has a firm grasp of existing and emerging low carbon technologies. Understanding the interplay of available feedstocks, conversion efficiencies and local conditions is integral in determining the proper technology and logistical support needed to make a project successful. The emergence of new technologies and companies will play an increasingly important role in future project development.

Carbon Markets

Carbon Solutions Group operates in all of the major carbon protocols including:

  • The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • The Climate Action Reserve (CAR)
  • The Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS)
  • The American Carbon Registry (ACR)
  • Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) projects

Along with these protocols, CSG is actively participating in and monitoring the promulgation of rules for a future US Federal Cap and Trade program, with a focus on understanding the fungibility of pre compliance, voluntary credits and international credits for poaaible US compliance requirements.

From Methodology Revision and document preparation to asset transaction, CSG will provide the services needed to ensure timely registration, proper record keeping, regulatory monitoring, contracting and process management with qualified 3rd party Validator’s and Verifiers.

To see how Carbon Solutions Group can help your specific project, please contact us at 866-499-1456 or Email.