Carbon Solutions Group


Asset Valuation

Understanding the different structuring opportunities with carbon credits, Renewable Identification Numbers, Renewable Energy Certificates combined with future obligations provide multiple options for unique financing scenarios. Similar to traditional commodities, these assets can be leveraged, used as collateral, or transacted in batches to provide short term liquidity. From simple carbon transactions to complex risk and hedging strategies, CSG will help increase your awareness of all potential revenue streams by ensuring thorough analysis and understanding of project and market specifics.

Forecasting & Risk Management

Carbon Solutions Group’s Forecasting & Risk Assessment expertise lies in our deep understanding of global carbon and environmental trading markets. Our diverse staff enables Carbon Solutions Group to deliver innovative solutions and high-quality results through research based forecasting. Combined with individual risk management products, customers can have clarity of costs and revenues streams to ensure operating margins and project profitability.

Internal Controls Development

Carbon Solutions Group Advisory team will help potential compliance entities develop, implement and run internal controls and assist in general capacity building to handle future reporting. From utilities to cement manufacturers, proper roles combined with internal and external lines of communication will need to be developed. Allow CSG to internally assist with this development or explore the benefit of having CSG handle externally, managing the risk in accordance with your needs.

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