Carbon Solutions Group
RECs & Offsets

RECs & Offsets

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) & Carbon Offsets (CO2)

Carbon Solutions Group has been providing environmental credit solutions for sustainability clients since 2006.  Our trading desk will supply your needs at wholesale prices without the frills.  CSG is a commodity firm first and foremost enabling your Sustainability personnel to make strategic decisions based on real time, deeply discounted wholesale prices.  Our approach is straightforward.  Let us know which emissions scope you’re targeting, the products you’d like to use and we’ll provide you with a menu of wholesale products.

Scope 1 Emissions – Direct emissions typically associated with on-site fuel consumption resulting in CO2e GHG emissions. 

Scope 2 Emissions – Indirect emissions typically associated with off-site, grid based emissions resulting from the consumption of electricity.

Scope 3 Emissions – Indirect emissions typically associated with transportation of people or products, as well as upstream emissions associated with raw materials. 

Fill out the questionnaire below for an immediate not to exceed quote delivered by email.  This price of course will be improved upon if you give us a shout, but if you’re just shopping we’ll give you somewhere to start.