Renewable Energy

Carbon Solutions Group works with project developers, engineering firms, municipalities and corporations in understanding environmental finance, grants, feed-in tariffs, tax-credits, and other subsidies. From unlocking carbon credit value to helping negotiate the Power Purchase Agreemets to investing in projects, Carbon Solutions Group can assist and provide value in multiple situations throughout North and South America.

Project Development Financing Options
Market & Policy Forecasting Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
State & Regional Compliance Markets Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Project Development

Carbon Solutions Group provides solutions for the following renewable energy project types:


CSG can perform local biomass studies to determine fuel and co-firing opportunities with the highest calorific values relative to transportation costs. Engineering, technology procurement, and financing can proceed within one month from project conception.

Livestock Waste

CSG's experience in livestock waste projects ranges from diverse animal operations to multifaceted digester configurations and solutions.

Solar Photovoltaic

As cost per watt continues to decrease, solar photovoltaic will play an important role in a low carbon future. CSG will help you understand technical aspects while also researching and obtaining local tax incentives and rebate programs. Our solar photovoltaic services include Compliance and Voluntary Market SREC trading and installations for LEED certification


Knowledge of carbon markets will help utilize wastewater conversion an efficient manner, helping to decrease expenses in other aspects of your business. The potential in energy savings can beneficial from a forecasting and financial perspective. CSG has worked with distillers, wastewater treatment facilities, food processors, & industrial processes. CSG also has experience incorporating algae for a sustainable, alternative nutrient management system at waste water facilities.


Carbon Solutions Group focuses exclusively on 15MW to 0.5kW capacity wind initiatives. From large landowners to residential home owners, CSG can quickly analyze the feasibility of wind power and develop the optimal solution. Our experience includes large scale community based wind projects, integrated commercial building solutions, REC, carbon credits and Production Tax Credit monetization

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Market & Policy Forecasting

CSG’s expertise in Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) and the voluntary market has allowed our clients to understand the propervalue their RECs have in the current and future market.

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State & Regional Compliance Markets

Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) require increased production of renewable energy. Under a RPS, utilities are obligated to produce a specified amount of their electricity from renewable resources. Renewable energy generators generate one REC for every megawatt hour of electricity produced and can trade these into the market. The final owner of the REC can submit it to the regulatory body to demonstrate RPS compliance.

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Financing Options

CSG will work with your entity and our network of investors to structure environmental finance packages that allow for the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable technologies. CSG will provide proposals consisting of feasibility studies, total project cost, rate of returns, tax credits, technology specifications, energy modeling and savings benefits, environmental asset evaluation report, asset marketing services (REC & Greenhouse Gas reductions), financial analysis, and other periphery benefits with accompanying sensitivity analysis.

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Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Generating renewable electricity onsite also generates Renewable Energy Certificates that can be sold through the voluntary market to individuals or entities that are interested in making environmental stewardship claims or obtaining LEED points. These RECs can also be held in anticipation of a future federal RPS market, which could generate higher prices for each REC.

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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

As a renewable energy generator, project developers will contract with the local utility under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The high demand for environmental assets such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and the increasing demands under state Renewable Portfolio Standards, have made negotiating PPAs a complicated process. CSG provides contract evaluation and development assistance for project developers.

In the case of renewable energy generation, these assets can be decoupled from the electricity, allowing generators to participate in negotiations. CSG assists generators in determining an appropriate power purchase rate as well alternative options.

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Many state and federal grants are available that support not only the generation of renewable electricity, but also fund the cost associated with incorporating many different Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) within projects. Using grant money to conduct an energy audit is a great first step in learning what types of ECMs are suitable for your building. In many cases CSG will provide grant writing services at little or no cost.

Production Tax Credit

Renewable energy generated within the United States may qualify for the Federal Production Tax Credit. The tax credit is paid per kWh and varies for different types of renewable energy. Wind, closed-loop biomass and geothermal are currently credited and renewable electricity from open-loop biomass, small irrigation hydroelectric, landfill gas, municipal solid waste resources, and hydropower also are eligible.

Accelerated Depreciation

Various capital expenditures involved in renewable energy projects are subject to modified accelerated depreciation that amounts to as much as 200% double declining balance. Carbon Solutions Group will connect you with large investors who are willing to pay for environmentally friendly upgrades to your project.

Utility Rebates

Utilities throughout the country are offering rebates to customers for the installation or retrofitting of large electricity or natural gas consuming building components into more energy efficient components. Carbon Solutions Group has experience working with utilities to procure large rebates to fund projects. These rebates lower the up-front investment that an entity must provide to begin a project.

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