Carbon Solutions Group

Carbon Solutions Group has been helping LEED projects achieve the Green Power Points within the LEED rating systems for over 7 years. We have completed well over 4000 projects and sold more than 1 Terawatt of Renewable Energy and over 100 million kilograms of Carbon Offsets. It is our commitment to help our clients understand the process of achieving these points, and we commit to walking each client through the submittal process. Please contact us for a Green-e Climate Carbon Credit quote at 1 (866) 499 1456 or email.

Green-e® Climate is an independent certification program for greenhouse gas emissions reductions (carbon offsets) sold in the voluntary market. The Green-e Climate logo identifies carbon offsets that meet the program's high environmental and consumer protection standards. For more information on Green-e Climate certification requirements, visit or email

All of our Green-e® Climate offsets are sourced from Waste Handling and Disposal projects located in the United States and registered under the Verified Carbon Standard. You can download a list of our projects here.

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