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EV Charging Project Hosts

EV Charging Project Hosts

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Carbon Solutions Group EV Charging was one of the first pure play owner operator’s in the business.  We’re solely focused on developing, owning and operating cutting edge stations to serve customers and the community.

As a CSG EV Charging project host you’ll get more than just an amenity for your customers.  You’ll also be compensated for your valuable real estate and the higher the rate of utilization, the higher your compensation for hosting. 

CSG will work with your site liaison, the local utilizing and local municipality to determine the feasibility, scope and size of a project at your property or properties.  CSG bears full responsibility and costs for the development, construction and operation of the facilities.  The host can decide whether to be highly involved and build a strategy with CSG or if you prefer just receive a monthly wire.

EV Fleet Conversion

Low-Carbon Fleet Solutions is CSG’s offering for transportation intensive companies interested in managing their Scope 3 emissions and reducing their costs relative to gasoline or diesel fleets.  CSG will work with you to site and develop EV Charging Stations that we will finance, own and operate.  You will receive a bespoke charging solution that is designed to meet your growing EV fleet’s needs.