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Corporate Sustainability & ESG

Corporate Sustainability & ESG

Corporate Sustainability & ESG

Responsible implementation of an emissions mitigation strategy is an effective way to achieve corporate sustainability.
We have specialized in providing environmental credits globally since 2006.

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What are Corporate Sustainability & ESG?

Corporate sustainability is a business approach that aims to create long-term shareholder value by taking into account the company’s social, environmental and financial impacts.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) is a corporate sustainability framework that impacts corporate business decisions worldwide. ESG strategies are designed to meet the needs of society while achieving economic growth through corporate policies addressing the need for environmental equilibrium.

Renewable Energy Certificates

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) provide a pathway for corporations and consumers to support the growth of the renewable energy industry. A REC represents the environmental attributes of one MWh of green power produced.

RECs provide an additional revenue stream for renewable energy generators and incentivize energy project developers to invest in renewable technologies.

RECs allow corporations and consumers to promote clean power and accelerate the decarbonization of our electrical grids.

Carbon Offsets

Carbon offsets enable corporations and consumers to support the development of projects created to reduce or remove greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the atmosphere. A carbon offset represents one metric tonne of avoided or removed CO2e emissions.

The viability of every emissions reduction project must depend on the additional revenue stream generated from the carbon offsets it produces. Corporations and consumers enable the development of emissions reduction projects when purchasing carbon credits.

Carbon offsets allow corporations and consumers to accelerate our transition to a decarbonized economy and address climate change by mitigating the effects of their GHG emissions.

How We Help

We help large and small businesses, utilities, and public entities demonstrate environmental leadership. Our customers trust our decades of expertise on the leading edge of carbon market development. Our innovative aggregation businesses enable you to procure locally sourced credits with measurable community impact. Everything we do at Carbon Solutions Group relates to our mission to Drive Decarbonization.

Who is Carbon Solutions Group

Carbon Solutions Group (CSG) was founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 2006. CSG prides itself on the corporate and municipal partnerships across the U.S. that it has fostered over nearly two decades in operation.

ESG Services

CSG is one of the largest marketers and providers of renewable energy certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets in the U.S., serving large C&I and utility customers. CSG has contracts in place with virtually all load-serving entities and has transacted over 150 million MWhs during the past five years.

SREC Aggregation

Originally launched in Illinois, the business contracts solar RECs from residential and C&I system owners across the U.S. CSG’s SREC business currently serves over 15,000 customers in DC, MD, OH, MI, IN, IL, PA, VA, WV, OR, WA, and CA.


A developer, owner, and operator of charging networks on behalf of public and private sector customers. DirtRoad’s Design and Engineering teams focus on charging infrastructure deployment nationwide. DirtRoad currently has over 500 projects under development.

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