Carbon Solutions Group
About Us

About Us

People, Not Prices

Carbon Solutions Group is a Distributed Energy Resources business founded in Chicago in 2006 on the 42nd Floor (The Attic) of the Chicago Board of Trade.  Today we have offices in Chicago, San Diego & Portland. Over the years environmental markets have taken us to some pretty unexpected places and allowed us to gain a perspective that most companies in our space don’t have. 

We’ve gained this experience by trying new ideas constantly, failing a lot, connecting with people, being authentic, paying attention to details and grinding it out.  Our history has been the road less traveled in the clean energy space, but we’ve still got the ambitious belief that we did back in 2006 that together we’re building something unique and something great.  

Carbon Solutions Group’s business segments are:

  • In-Aggregate – Environmental Credit Aggregation & Marketing – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Dirt Road  – Electric Vehicle Charging – Thoughtful Charging Infrastructure Projects
  • Sustainability – Wholesale Environmental Claims – Low carbon for a sustainable future (ice cream melting)
  • Moho Thermal – Distributed Geothermal As a Service – New depths (or not as boring as its sounds)

Contact Us

To see how Carbon Solutions Group can help your organization with a specific project or general regulatory compliance, call us at 866 499 1456 or fill out a Contact Form.

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