Granting Monitoring Access
Granting Monitoring Access

Granting Monitoring Access

Access to Online Monitoring

This step is intended to capture the online monitoring available for the system and provide access to Carbon Solutions. Most often this is inverter level data, but online monitoring access to meter level data is acceptable as well. This blog post will cover the options available to provide access, additional information about filling the step out, and more general information about how to grant access based on the online monitoring site. 

This access is used for SREC generation purposes, but if provided is often used to provide additional information and photos for applications as needed.

This section can be filled out in three different ways:

  1. Granted Access to Carbon Solutions: this means you have provided permissions to an account that we already have, usually contact@carbonsolutionsgroup.comThis is our preferred method.
  2. Username and Password: If granting access is unavailable, or you are unable to provide us access, you can provide customer’s credentials so that we can directly access. 
  3. Public Link: This is a link to the system that does not require any credentials and provides access to no other systems. We see this most often with Egauge or SunPower. 

Filling Out Online Monitoring Section

Most of the information requested on each submission is intended to be straightforward, but the “System ID” for SolarEdge or Enphase may be difficult to locate. This is found in the URL when viewing the site. If you are unable to view the site URL, but know the system name, please input the system name and enter 999999 for the System ID, as it is a required field. 

How to Grant Access

If you have never provided access to another company account below are some resources for common sites:

Enphase Energy 

Our company account is


If granting access to, add as a “user” with “Dashboard and layout” access. Video here: 

Sunny Portal 

Our company account is This Youtube clip shows how to grant access:

This is a short list that will be expanded, please feel free to request resources for your specific site, or provide us more information about a site that you use. We seek to be as flexible as possible with respect to online monitoring sites that we can accept, and your feedback is valuable in ensuring we make this process is efficient as possible.