Selling your SRECs with CSG
Selling your SRECs with CSG

Selling your SRECs with CSG

Carbon Solutions Group (CSG) is an Aggregator of SRECs across the US. CSG has been working in the renewable credit industry for over 15 years. Our focus is on helping solar array owners monetize their Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). CSG partners with local installers to create a seamless offering that gives you options with regard to how and when you receive the value generated by the RECs from your array.

There are 5 easy steps to monetizing your RECs:

Step 1: Review CSG’s REC Monetization Options below and choose one that fits your needs. CSG offers many different payment options depending on the location and age of your solar system. The introduction email and contract sent by CSG will outline the specific payment options and amounts available for your system.

Payment options (vary by state and system size)

Upfront Grant (Not available in all states)
CSG’s Grant Structure allows you to monetize all of the RECs for the estimated remaining life of your system immediately in a lump sum payment made 45 days from registration approval.

50/50 Grant (Not available in all states)
CSG’s Split Structure pays you for half of the SRECs over the remaining life of your system up front and lump sum. The other half of your SRECs will receive the market price on an annual basis.

CSG’s Sell As You Go Structure is a traditional brokerage structure whereby once a year CSG will mint your SRECs and pay you the market price or a fixed price.

Market Specific Program (Not available in all states)
Some states such as Illinois and New Jersey have specific payment schedules and programs.

Step 2: CSG will get your system’s information from your solar installer. We will use this information to generate a contract that shows pricing for three options above. You will then be able to select your preferred payment schedule and quickly complete our contract by e-signing the attached contract.a formal quote specific to your system’s size and estimated remaining system life.

Step 3: Sign and return the contract and attached documents which enables Carbon Solutions Group to begin registering your system and generating your RECs.

Step 4: Once your contract has been signed, CSG will register your system if necessary, then begin the process of generating and managing RECs on your behalf. System owners will need to grant CSG access to online meter reads or submit meter readings to our website at least once per quarter.

Step 5: Once we receive your first meter reading or have access to your meter we will initiate payment based on your selected payout structure, and we will handle all REC sales and generation going forward.

If you have received an email from your installer, CSG will be reaching out to you directly in the coming weeks. Feel free to contact us with other questions.