ABP Fees and Bonding
ABP Fees and Bonding

ABP Fees and Bonding

In order to participate in the ABP/IL Shines Program there are a few fees and Collateral/Bonding that need to be paid either by solar system owners, Approved Vendors, or the system installer/developer. Different Approved Vendors and installation companies handle the fees differently so some or none of these may be need to paid by you. If Carbon Solutions is acting as your Approved Vendor this information will be provided in our REC Contract and subsequent invoices.

ABP Application Fee $10/kW AC – Non-Refundable

Each system is charged a non-refundable ABP Application fee when initially submitted to the ABP program. This fee is $10/kw AC (capped at $5000/system). If this fee is owed by the system owner/host directly you will receive an email from Carbon Solutions after contract signing.

ABP Collateral or 5% Utility Collateral

As part of the rules for the ABP program the Contracting Utility needs to hold a collateral of 5% of the REC contract value for the full duration (15 years) of a systems’ contract. For more details see our post for a detailed description of the 5% Collateral.

Approved Vendor Fee -Varies

Carbon Solutions charges an Approved Vendor fee for our services. This fee is withheld from the first REC payment. Please see your REC contract for the details of the Approved Vendor Fee for your system.

Additional Collateral (Approved Vendor and System Dependent)
Some Approved Vendors or systems may require additional collateral beyond the 5% utility collateral. Carbon Solutions does not charge for additional collateral upfront, but instead withholds it from the first REC payment. Please see your REC Contract for more details on if Additional Collateral applies to your system.

Additional Helpful Resource: http://illinoisshines.com/faq/