Application Delays (Under Construction)
Application Delays (Under Construction)

Application Delays (Under Construction)

Common Reasons for Application Delays

  1. The AC Size on your disclosure form does not match the AC size on your SREC Contract.
  2. There was a delay in receiving or signing your consumer disclosure form – when signed this creates an application for Carbon Solutions to complete.
  3. There was a delay in receiving or signing your SREC contract – once signed Carbon Solutions can submit an application on your behalf to the Illinois Shines program.
  4. Your application has missing information or inconsistent information, and we haven’t received a reply from your installer.
  5. The Batch your project is in is delayed because a project or projects need clarifications (projects submitted after March 2020 no longer face this issue).
  1. The AC Size listed on your Consumer Disclosure Form is >5% larger or smaller than the AC size listed on your SREC contract. 
  1. Tip: Double check the AC size, system address, and name listed on your disclosure form for accuracy.
  2. Resolution: In this case the ABP requires that you receive an updated disclosure form, and that you sign the form indicating you approve of the change. 
  3. Delays: Between CSG informing your installer, your installer editing/creating a disclosure form for your signature, or because you cannot find or are not aware you need to sign the updated disclosure form. 
  4. Timing: It can be indefinite
  1. Delays Related to completing the Consumer Disclosure Form – This document is one of the first things that you see as a prospective customer. It needs to be signed by you before you even sign an installation contract. An application is not created until this form is signed, and Carbon Solutions cannot send you an SREC contract until the form is signed.
  1. Tip: If you have signed your installation contract and you haven’t received a Consumer Disclosure Form, reach out to your installer as soon as possible. Email and we can help determine if this form has been created or ask your installer to get this started. 
  2. Resolution: Signing the disclosure form
  3. Delays: Delays are typically due to installers not providing the form as required, before the installation contract is signed. They can also be because the form was ink signed and it was not properly uploaded back to the ABP. We strongly recommend e-signing Disclosure Forms to ensure that there is no possibility of the form not being returned after signature. 
  4. Missing Information
    • All applications require:
      1. Plot Diagram – this provides an overview of the project and property as planned with some technical details.
      2. Proof of Site Control  – this proves that you have rights to build on the property, typically we use your system installation contract.
      3. Photo(s) of the inverter model numbers for each inverter used in your project (screenshots from online monitoring, if available, are typically OK).
      4. Photo showing your inverter or meter’s total production to date (screenshots from online monitoring are typically OK).
      5. Photo(s) showing each module installed, and it must be countable. 
      6. Certificate of Completion or other letter from your utility, cooperative or municipality indicating they have provided permission or authorization to operate your solar array.
      7. Final Invoice that shows the total amount paid for the project. 
    • Projects over 10kW AC require proof that a revenue grade meter was installed.
    • Projects over 25kW AC require a conditional interconnection agreement signed by the utility

This blog post is under construction and will be continued to include other common causes, tips and timelines as they are identified.