SREC Contract FAQ
SREC Contract FAQ

SREC Contract FAQ


Please see your SREC contract at DocuSign.  

If you are receiving this contract you should have already received, in order, the items below:

1. The Illinois ABP Brochure:

2. The Consumer Disclosure form (signed and completed) for your system purchase – please be sure this is entirely accurate as it forms the basis for your project application and will require editing and re-signing in the event it is inaccurate. This will lead to a delay in your application processing time.

3. A system installation contract – signed and completed.

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our timeline here:

Please review our blog post on the CC authorization form here:

Filling out the Contract

  • Please fill out the Host Certification on the 3rd page. Section 1 is required, and then either Section 2 or Section 3 is required. Signing Section 2 indicates that you are the SREC counter-party and the project site owner. Section 3 indicates that you own the site and you must identify the host company or individual.
  • Please review system specifications, particularly, the system size AC, DC, system address, number of SRECs and counterparty. Most fields on the contract are editable (phone, email, name, etc) if any trouble editing, or if a field is not editable, please reach out to
  • See your non-refundable $10/kW AC application fee on Cover Sheet B. If you’ve paid this to your installer or it has been covered by your installer, a note will be made on this page.
  • On Page 28 you will be asked to sign and there is a required section “By” – in this section please put your title (homeowner, owner, representative, etc.)

Invoicing and Payment

  • If any invoice is required, it will come via Quickbooks email. The email will provide ACH or credit card options for payment. The ACH method is free and easy and works like an e-check.
  • If you choose to pay by check please ensure you have the right address and please notify us so that we can make a note of it in our records and proceed with processing your application.
  • Our current mailing address:

Carbon Solutions SREC LLC

2045 W Grand Ave Ste B, PMB #58751 Chicago, IL 60612-1577 US

Common Questions

  • Currently, we expect payments to be made between 9 and 12 months from contract signature. We explicitly do not promise a turnaround time for application processing, nor promise payment within any period of time. We work to process applications as quickly as possible, however the processing time by the Adjustable Block Program and approval by the ICC is entirely outside of our control. Discrepancies, inconsistencies, or missing information or materials are the biggest issue that causes time delays.
  • Please review the SREC contract carefully and schedule a call with our team to go over any questions here:
  • SRECs are currently available for systems 10kW AC and smaller, while larger than 10kW AC has no funding set aside. This is as of 3/20/20.
  • Please remember this contract is for a commodity, RECs (definition below) that must be produced and delivered. In the event that they are not delivered, a “Performance Call” will be made, meaning that CSG will invoice you for the SRECs that are not delivered and top-up the 5% utility held collateral. Performance calls are made based on the 3 year rolling average of your SREC delivery, relative to final delivery schedule issued by the ICC.
  • RECs represent the environmental value of the electricity generated from solar panels, but not the electricity itself. Whoever owns the RECs has the right to say they used that solar power. Utilities must purchase RECs to meet their obligation to sup-ply a certain amount of power from renewable energy. RECs can also be valuable to businesses seeking to be able to say that they use solar power.

  • The number of SRECs on your contract is determined by your installer and either calculated specifically for your system’s specifications, location and other characteristics, or we have used a “one-size fits all” that a contract can qualify for with minimal shading. For more information about which calculation your contract uses, please reach out to your installer.

  • The 5% utility held collateral is paid up-front for systems that are not energized, otherwise, if energized and interconnected, it can be withheld from your first SREC payment.

Contact Us:

  • If you’d like to chat about your contract, setup a call with us at
  • Otherwise, please email us at – please allow 3-5 business days for us to reply. We apologize in advance for any difficulties attempting to connect with us.

We look forward to working with you and appreciate your consideration.
Best regards,