Illinois Adjustable Block Program Overview
Illinois Adjustable Block Program Overview

Illinois Adjustable Block Program Overview

Carbon Solutions Group (CSG) is serving as a Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) Aggregator for the Illinois Adjustable Block Program.  This program is set to open up January, 30th 2019.

New customers should review the ABP Program Brochure for general program information.

All of CSG’s ABP customers will be receiving the following documents in addition to the contract with your installer.

Schedule A

  • Carbon Solutions Group (CSG), the company that will be handling your SRECS will be sending out Schedule As for your system if it is already energized.
  • Please be on the lookout for an email titled “Please DocuSign:Schedule A” from “Carbon Solutions Group via DocuSign”.
  • A Schedule A gives CSG the ability to register your system with PJM-EIS GATS, and produce SRECS on your behalf. This is required to participate in the Adjustable Block Program. If no contract is subsequently reached with CSG, then this document will be considered null and void.

Standard Disclosure Form

  • CSG will also be sending out Standard Disclosure forms over the next few days for your review and signature.
  • These forms will be sent from and will be titled “E-Signature Needed For Illinois Shines Consumer Disclosure Form”
  • These forms are required for participation in the Adjustable Block Program, and seek to provide an apples to apples comparison of other system install quotes that you may have received please review your Standard Disclosure form for accuracy and sign once reviewed. After signing, the document will automatically be returned to CSG via the Illinois ABP website.

SREC Contract

  • CSG will begin SREC Contracting Monday, January 28th. This contract will contain all information relevant to SREC payments.
  • The email will be sent from “Carbon Solutions Group via DocuSign”.
  • Please review system information for accuracy as well as contract terms. If you find everything to satisfaction, please sign the contract digitally and it will automatically be sent back to CSG.


More detailed information can be found elsewhere on the IL ABP Website.  You can also contact us for other questions you have about the program.