Installer Requirements
Installer Requirements

Installer Requirements

Installer Requirements

The following post seeks to introduce and clarify requirements for Installers engaging in the Adjustable Block Program.

Installer Training

All Installers must go through installer training with Carbon Solutions Group. This will be done via Webinar on a date TBA. The Webinar will be recorded and available to view after the fact.


In Person Solicitation

  • Background checks – shall be performed on all employees and agents engaged in in-person solicitation. Installers must submit a record confirming that a criminal background check has been performed on such employees. The IPA strongly discourages the use of employees or agents with criminal records for offenses related to fraud or violence, or that are subject to registration under the Illinois Sex Offender Registration Act (730 ILCS 150). The installer¬†should use their reasonable judgement in evaluating the suitability of any other employees or agents with records for other offenses for in-person solicitations and is not prohibited from otherwise employing persons with criminal records or using such persons for in-person solicitations.
  • Installer ID Badges will be required for persons who engage in in-person solicitation for PV systems under 25 kW and shall display the ID on an outer garment.
    • Shall be visible at all times and prominently display the following
      • Full name in a clear and reasonable size font
      • An agent ID number – Please email to get badge ID numbers.
      • A photograph
      • The trade name and logo of the company the agent is representing
    • If the ID contains additional information beyond what is listed above, the information is subject to Program Administrator review to ensure that it does not conflict with the guidelines for marketing materials.


Marketing Materials

  • Each installer will need to submit at least one marketing material to Approved Vendor (CSG)
  • CSG will submit the materials to the IPA
  • If IPA requests any changes to the marketing materials they must be made by the installer before they are used
  • Marketing materials should be submitted via e-mail to¬†
  • Installers who are consistently out of compliance with their marketing materials may be prohibited from participating in the ABP