Installer Partnership Process
Installer Partnership Process

Installer Partnership Process

How do Installers partner with CSG to participate in the supplemental procurement?

Our goal at CSG is to make this complicated Illinois Procurement process as simple as possible for solar installers and their customers.  We accomplish this by handling all of the contracting, bidding, invoicing, bond processing, system identification and other interactions with the IPA.  We also work directly with your customers to minimize the installers time requirement.


New installers please contact us to get set up with us for the procurement process.


Below are the basic steps:

Step 1:  Signed referral contract with CSG

Step 2:  CSG sends installer LOI and additional material to sign up identified systems.

Step 3: CSG and Installer identify options for identified systems

Step 4: Installer and CSG work together to determine the price and quantity of forecasted RECS to enter for them into the bid.

Step 5: CSG enters identified and forecasted systems into the bids to the IPA.

Step 6: CSG notifies installer of all winning bids.

Step 7: CSG sends contracts to identified and forecasted systems.

Step 8: Installer uploads system info to forecasted systems to CSG as they are found.

Step 9: CSG registers energized systems and begins generating SRECs for clients and transferring them to IPA

Step 10: On a quarterly basis CSG Invoices IPA, receives payment from IPA and distributes SREC payments to Clients


Click here for more info on the supplemental procurement.
If you have any questions on this or on any other procurements please let us know.