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Carbon Solutions Trading

Carbon Solutions Trading is a division of Carbon Solutions Group that specializes in the procurement of specialized environmental assets.  Active involvement in various Renewable Energy Certificate markets enables CSG to offer significantly lower rates per kilowatt hour or ton of carbon dioxide displaced. 

Established Trading Relationships

Carbon Solutions Group has master agreements in place with some of the largest participants in the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) market today.  This enables us to make transactions on a minute to minute basis to serve our clients’ needs. These relationships include:

      -   Renewable Energy Generators
      -   Institutional Investors
      -   Asset Brokers
      -   Utilities

CSG’s clients work with us in order to accomplish a wide array of environmental stewardship goals.  Our clients include:

      -    Climate Leaders
      -    Voluntary Carbon Dioxide Registrants
      -    Municipalities/Educational Institutions
      -    LEED Registered/Certified Facilities
      -    Utilities Offering Green Power Pricing
      -    Institutional Investors

Solicit Indicative Offers

Every day Carbon Solutions Trading is in contact with over 100 owners and generators of renewable energy and emissions derivatives.  CSG solicits indicative offers from these parties for many types and vintages of environmental assets.  These assets vary based on:

Type of Renewable Generation
      -   Wind, Solar, Small-Hydro, Geothermal, Exotic Emissions Displacement Assets

Vintage of Generation
      -   Carbon Solutions Group only trades assets with post-1999 generation vintage

Location of Generation
      -   CSG has relationships with generators in each RTO-ISO region in the United States & Canada, as well as will institutional investors with large portfolios of assets certified under the Kyoto Protocol

Derivative Type & Maturity
      -   CSG can also make options and forward stream markets on many REC assets going out as far as 2027

Solicit Indicative Bids

Carbon Solutions Group’s Carbon Management and Green Power clients benefit from the trading division’s active involvement in the REC market.  CSG is able to deliver an indicative quote to our clients on a same day basis.  This enables clients to know the value of their carbon risk or Green Power needs on a real-time basis.  CSG’s proprietary web based risk management application CarbonMonitor will soon enable clients to manage their carbon risk by trading it online.   

Receive Firm Bids & Offers- Immediate Confirmation

When a trading, carbon management, or green power client has a firm bid CSG can get a trade confirmation almost immediately.  Whenever possible CSG will attempt to retain an option on any confirmed deal for additional REC’s.  If a client has shown interest in the particular asset traded they will be alerted via email or instant messenger that said asset is available in a limited quantity at a firm price.  By February of 2007 this service will be available online via a real-time REC bulletin board. 

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