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Through our extensive experience working with architects, designers, LEED consultants, contractors, owners, and developers, Carbon Solutions Group can provide a multitude of solutions for Green Building projects. Carbon Solutions Group’s Green Building Team has the expertise to assist your specific Green Building project in the following areas:

Green Power for LEED Points Green Building Technology Consulting
What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)? Energy Efficiency and Renewable Generation Options
Emissions Reporting

Come visit us at booth 7-8074 at BuildEx and NeoCon on June 14-16 at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Contact CSG for a free pass to the event and click the image below for more information.

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Green Power for LEED Points

Carbon Solutions Group has worked in the voluntary Renewable Energy Certificate market since early 2006. Our primary focus is working with LEED clients to obtain Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for their green building projects. Since 2006, the voluntary market has fluctuated widely in price and quantity of RECs. Concurrently, Carbon Solutions Group has remained steadfast in its stance on Renewable Energy Certificates as a valuable tool to build the market for Renewable Energy in the United States.

To estimate the potential cost of Green Power for your specific project, please see our Green Power Calculator.

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What is a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)?

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a contract that represents the environmental attributes associated with 1 Megawatt Hour (MWh) of renewable electricity. Each REC denotes the generation source (wind, solar, biomass, etc.), location (local, nationwide, etc.), and vintage (year of generation). Aligning the vintage of the RECs with the multi-year dates of the contract is particularly important when dealing with Green-e and USGBC requirements. For more information on the importance of correct sourcing of Renewable Energy Certificate vintages, please see our white paper Renewable Energy Certificates – Ethics & Vintages.

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Emissions Reporting

Carbon Solutions Group can assist your building project team with assessing the environmental impacts of your development. Currently, the USGBC is encouraging EBOM buildings to assess their environmental impact by giving 1 point to projects under EA credit 6: Emissions Reductions Reporting. Carbon Solutions Group can help you to accurately determine your building’s emissions profile.

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Green Building Technology Consulting

Carbon Solutions Group will work together with the client and the technology or building material provider to determine and implement the most efficient and cost effective building systems using creative and innovative financing options. Carbon Solutions Group will provide an overview of the concept of additionality and its importance in unlocking emission reduction revenues from environmental projects.

After determining the specific energy consumption types, quantities and load patterns, Carbon Solutions Group will identify & understand which projects may be of highest priority or need, taking into account your specific climate, region and other geographical factors.

Using the above information, CSG will determine the feasibility of various individual low-carbon project strategies as well as estimate quantity, financial value and appropriate regulatory mechanism for the monetization of emission reduction or other environmental assets from proposed projects.

Carbon Solutions Group will act as the project coordinator for all energy efficiency and/or renewable energy generation technology installation. After installation, CSG will obtain the proper data to review and update the carbon footprint and report any energy consumption reductions and associated carbon emission reductions.

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Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Project Options

CSG will work with your entity and our network of investors to structure environmental finance packages that allow for the implementation of beyond business as usual energy efficiency and low carbon technologies. Some of the technologies that will be assessed include:

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To see how Carbon Solutions Group can help your specific green building project project, please contact our Green Building Team at 866 499 1456 or Email



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